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Vinyl floor tiles and luxury vinyl plank flooring can be used to create practically any look. For any space, we provide a wide range of patterns, finishes, accessories, and colors, as well as leading brands.

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Vinyl Flooring Lexington

Vinyl Flooring Lexington KY

Vinyl Flooring Lexington

Let us talk about vinyl, particularly vinyl plank flooring. In both home and business settings, vinyl plank flooring is gaining in popularity. When we mention "vinyl flooring," many people think of their mother's sheet/roll flooring in the kitchen of their childhood home or the stick-down tiles from college — you know, the ones you ripped a hole in while making nachos to watch the big game? That is not it if that is what you are thinking. Vinyl Flooring Lexington says that the parallels between today's fantastic vinyl products and those from the past are minimal: they are both a synthetic, artificial variation designed to resemble a natural material at a usually inexpensive price. For this article, we would unveil to you the facts of the piece regarding this type of flooring; one, in particular, is Luxury Vinyl Plank from our in-house designers.

On edge, look for a slight bevel.
We had to reject numerous potential solutions owing to the bevel, and we will try to explain why! Look at the pictures. Every joint where the boards connect can be seen in the main bevel photo. They meet fluidly in the minimal bevel shot. That is what we are referring to! Vinyl Plank Floors Lexington states that many of the LVPs we have seen in the past had much more noticeable bevels than the sample photo. And the angle is a different color than the material! I despise not only the appearance yet also the prospect of sweeping that floor! Every nook and cranny would be clogged with grime! Thank you, but no!

Match the color of your hair to the color of the floor.
We are aware. Yet, it is also something we consider while advising our clients on the best flooring options! Every hair will show up on a light, bright Luxury Vinyl Plank if you or your dog has dark hair! However, if you or your dog have light hair, every inch will appear on a dark LVP! This could not be a problem for you, just sweep more!" in which case, bravo! It is just something to think about.

When it comes to texture, think about how willing you are to scrape clean.
The fact that LVP seems so lifelike is a big part of its attraction! The natural, grain-like roughness of each board contributes to the overall aesthetic. The texture is more firmly entrenched in some LVPs than in others. While they appear to be more "genuine," they require a little more effort to keep clean. They do, however, conceal the dirt better with a more excellent texture!

Professional installation is advised.
Although these goods are advertised as “easy DIY” installations, Vinyl Flooring Lexington always advises consumers to “employ a professional”! Consider your job, which you do daily. Is it possible that someone else could handle your job? Sure! Would they be as good as the originals? No. Is the end outcome going to be as good? No. Would they be aware of the insider tips and tactics you have picked up along the way? No! Would it take them a lot longer than it took you? Indeed, while you may do it yourself, we always recommend professional installation for the best results!

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Vinyl Flooring Lexington aspires to excite and surprise our consumers by following the newest trends and technological advancements. Explore our natural stone or wood-look vinyl or laminate floors for your living room, bedroom, hallway, bathroom, kitchen, or home office. For a more authentic look and feel, opt for a parquet floor. We are confident that every space has a gorgeous floor solution.

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