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One of the final touches when building or remodeling a home is the flooring. Make sure to have yours finished by professionals from Lexington Flooring Install.

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Lexington KY Flooring Install


It is essential to always consider the best floors to have at home. Although it is practical for homeowners to have the same floor type installed all over the house, it would be best to consider the parts of the house and their functions. Think about how your daily routine at home would be affected by the ground you step on, the possible hazards it poses, the materials it is made of, its life span, and so forth. These things can make you feel confused or torn about what to do with your flooring.

Lexington Flooring Install can help you choose the best floors that would surely suit your home. With our experts, you are sure to have the best thing right under your sole.


Our experts can give you tips on the best flooring type to use at your home. If you call us for an appointment, we will visit your home for an inspection. It is a part of the planning process to see the actual project site to understand what we are dealing with. Once everything is noted, we would inform the client of the possible flooring type that they can choose from to be installed at their home. We have a variety of flooring choices for the client to choose from. We can show samples from our portfolio for an easier way to imagine how these floor types would look like in your home. After the client has chosen, we would be setting the installation schedule.

Once the installation is done, we would check if every area of the flooring was covered well. This is a way for us to assure the client of the quality of our work. We leave them with tips and things to remember on how to maintain the beauty of the floors and keep its life span long. We value our clients very much that we also offer our services if needed in the future. After all, Lexington Flooring Install is the most reliable group of flooring experts you can always call in Kentucky!


Our experts are always available for consultations. When it comes to deciding for your home, Lexington Flooring Install will always make sure that the clients have the final say. Our goal is to keep our clients informed and updated with the latest trends and give advice when it is due. If the client prefers to have floors that may not match their home, it is our duty to make sure that it would. Our clients’ satisfaction is always our priority. We value the ideas that our clients pitch in; we listen and we make them happen!

The team’s expertise is divided into two subgroups: Kitchen Flooring Lexington and Bathroom Flooring Lexington. These groups are affiliated with us and specialize in installing the best floor types for the kitchen and the bathroom.


If you have more inquiries about the services we offer, our expertise, and the types of flooring we have, do not hesitate to call us. You can also visit our showroom which houses our various floor types and materials. Our office is situated right above the showroom which makes it convenient for all clients especially those who have immediate concerns. We, at Lexington Flooring Install, commits our best services to all!

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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM - 6PM
Address: 2041 Creative Dr Ste 100, Lexington, KY, USA