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Flooring in lexington ky

Flooring In Lexington KY

Flooring in Lexington KY: The solution for your flooring option

Picking a new floor can be an arduous task. There are many materials to choose from, plus you have to think about the kind of traffic for every room. You have to know which types of flooring options would go well with your purpose. Not every floor is perfect, and you have to be mindful of the PROS and CONS and fully utilize them.

The daily routine
Think about the activities your family does on a daily basis. Let’s start with the kids; where do they often play? And what kind of games do they play? How about your pets? Do they bring dirt from the outside? Do their claws damage your flooring? If you have a clear answer for these, you are aware of what flooring solution you would have to choose.

How much is your budget?
Indeed, your budget will dictate what kind of flooring you want to have in your house. Come up with an estimation of your costs, don’t buy the first floor you will see. Also, you have to consider the amount of labor that goes into this project; think about the layers of your foot. Lastly, you need to know the flooring estimates as you finally prepare for the flooring materials of your choosing.

The flooring options

One of the most sought-after flooring solutions for most homeowners. Because of the durability of the hardwood, it won’t be easily damaged by scratches and dents. It gives an illusion of a spacious room. You can add a specific value to your house once you decide to sell it. Most buyers of wood often inspect the quality of the floor material.


If you don’t want to sacrifice your budget, but you want to have an elegant floor? Laminate is a good choice. This is made from a synthetic that imitates the appearance of the wood but not the quality. A laminate floor is more durable than hardwood because moisture will be unable to penetrate the laminate. DIY enthusiasts more prefer this because it is easy to install.

Linoleum is making its way back to the flooring industry due to its affordability and eco-friendly materials. This flooring is safe around children as it poses no health threat. Linoleum is water-resistant, scratch-proof, and easy to clean.  

This is probably the ideal type of flooring option. You can install it in any room of the house. Available in porcelain and ceramic, they are perfect floors for the kitchen and bathroom. Tile floors are ideal for fluctuating moisture. Able to endure heavy traffic, available in specific colors and patterns, you can have fun with the color schemes.

Vinyl is specially made to handle rooms prone to moisture, such as bathrooms, basements, and kitchens. Vinyl has a softer underfoot compared to tile and is easy to clean. When choosing this flooring option, thickness is essential. The thicker the floor, the more traffic it can endure.

If you are looking for a cozy and warm feeling, this is the one for you. Carpets are considered to be sound absorbers. As the sound travels, it bounces off it; the carpet muffles the sound making it ideal for rooms that are for relaxing. Primarily found in the bedroom or the living room.

No matter what the floor type is, if you ignore your duty, your floor will not last long. All it takes is just regular cleaning. Remember, some floors are not equipped to handle moisture; as soon as you spot liquid spills, wipe them off right away.

Your reliable flooring in Lexington KY

Now that you are familiar with the different floor types, you are now on your way to renovate your floors. You can now choose a floor that is right for your budget; with the help of Flooring in Lexington KY, you will have peace of mind. Call your floor contractors to get you started.

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